The Road Home

May 30, 2009

little gems 026

The Road Home by Margaret Cooter

Five plus Twelve

May 28, 2009

Tina Adcock Hand Quilt LG

Five plus Twelve by Tina Adcock


May 28, 2009

little gems 041

Tracer by Margaret Cooter


May 28, 2009

little gems 051

Pigeons by Margaret Cooter

With love from Matisse

May 28, 2009

with love from Matisse

With love from Matisse by Pauline Mills

Waterfall. Homage to Hokusai

May 28, 2009


Waterfall – Homage to Hokusai by Pauline Mills


May 27, 2009

Carol Wilkes - Goldfish LG

Goldfish by Carol Wilkes