Barbara Crompton Hexagons

Hexagons by Barbara Crompton


2 Responses to Hexagons

  1. Carol Fieldhouse says:

    Hi Barbara!
    Hexagons is now mine!!! I was delighted to win it, as I really like hexagon quilts – but don’t like the technique! I love the way the variegated quilt thread picks up the specks of colour on the fabric. I am now tryng to decide how to display and/or use this and my other Little Gem – I was lucky enough to win four, but my friend and I decided to each buy a batch of tickets on different days and share our winnings, if any. I won four and she won none! But we held to our bargain and both went home very happy. Thank you, Barbara.

  2. Hi Carol
    Thank you for letting me know my little quilt has gone to a good home. Glad you like it. I won one myself and now have the same dilemma as you – how to display it. I really enjoyed making these small size quilts and think I might make some more to accompany mine. I feel some stash-busting coming on!

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