After FOQ

You visited the Festival of Quilts, you entered the LG tombola and … YOU WON!  What will you do with your Little Gem? Hopefully the following will give you some ideas about how you can display your LG, use it as inspiration for a group activity or turn it into something useful. Whatever you do we’d love to see your Little Gem in it’s new home. To send us your photo click here.

From Maxine March,  Region 1:-

  • Hold a Show and Tell at your quilt group post FOQ, as part of an evening of ‘What I did at Birmingham’
  • Invite your quilt group or a group of quilting friends to examine the LG, decide on how it is made, what techiques etc it uses, and make your next challenge based around it – using the colours, or the techniques, or the materials….
  • Incorporate your Little Gem  into a piece of your own work

From Margaret Cooter, London:

  • Quickly and easily make a “useful container” to sit on a desk or beside your sewing machine – instructions are here, with further thoughts and examples here
  • Make your Little Gem into a clutch bag – instructions are here

Displaying your Little Gem:

lg in stand

This Little gem is sitting in an acrylic sign holder, purchased from a chain of stationers:


6 Responses to After FOQ

  1. sheila musson says:

    If the beach hut quilt in the acrylic stand is for sale please contact me!

  2. littlegemquilts says:

    Sadly for you, Sheila, this lovely Little Gem was won by a lucky person at the Festival of Quilts. It was made by Linda Billsborrow.

  3. sheila musson says:

    I knew I should have stayed until Sunday,
    I do hope it went to a good home!!

  4. littlegemquilts says:

    I’m sure it did.

  5. Joy Morgan says:

    Can I just say a big well done to the organisers, it was a magnificant effort – have loved keeping up to date on the web-site, I am very impressed. Thanks Joy

  6. Joan Raiment says:

    Hi, I really enjoyed seeing all the little gems, and was very pleased to have won one at FOQ, and I would like to send a word of thanks to the maker, but I cannot find her name on the list! It is Isobel Towe, Pentrich Patchers, she called it Leftovers 1.
    Many thanks,
    Joan in Nyons, France.

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