Contemporary  Quilt, a specialist group of the Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles, ran a tombola at the 2009 Festival of Quilts, 20th – 23rd August 2009, of ‘Little Gems’ – A4 sized quilts made and donated to raise funds for the new Guild Museum and Gallery in York.

The Little Gems idea was based on the journal quilts done in 2007  by the Contemporary Group of the Quilters Guild of the British Isles – which in turn was based on the Journal Quilt project shown at the Houston show for several years, starting in 2003.

Participants in the journal quilt projects made one small quilt a month, for a year.  Some people found working small was a challenge – some found it was a delight!

Making little quilts are  a great way to try out new techniques or ideas, or to try new blocks or applique patterns, or even to perfect your machine or hand quilting.  You soon find you have a growing stack of them.

Click here to contact the Little Gems team

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  1. Margaret Hecks-Tranter says:

    Location Southsea in Portsmouth and I’ve never made a quilt – even an A4 – the size of which tempts me to have a go. My experience is mostly embroidery – self taught and approached the play-way and I’ve never had a lesson, tuition or belonged to a craft group of any type – nonetheless – always receptive to new ideas and contacts.
    Not competent with photographing and sending material via emails but this splendid apple mac has such facilities yet to be learned. Everything I play at is unplanned and done at whim – and spontaneously.
    I’ll explore the stuff under INFORMATION AND BLOGROLL. Never done a blog either.

  2. littlegemquilts says:

    Welcome, Margaret – we hope you’ll find lots of inspiration here, and a chance to explore spontaneously! – margaret for the LGQ team

  3. kath adlam says:

    Hi where do we take these little quilts, and when is the closing date

  4. littlegemquilts says:

    Hi Kath

    Many regions are setting up collection points or your Little Gem can be sent to QGBI Quilt Museum and Gallery, St Anthony’s Hall, Peaseholme Green, York YO1 7PW, marked f.a.o. Judy Fairless by the end of July.

    Hope you have fun making your LG and don’t forget to send us a photo for the website!

    Linda for the Little Gem team

  5. I would be delighted to make a “little Gem” for this cause. I will post it to when I am in the UK in May.

  6. littlegemquilts says:

    Thanks for your generosity Maria, we look forward to seeing your Little Gem. it’s fun to be developing an international element to the collection!

    Linda for the Little Gem team

  7. Diane Elizabeth says:

    What wonderful little quilts and a great cause. I shall put it in my mind that a little quilt could begin incubating there.

    Please tell me the dimensions of A4 in inches! TIA, Diane

  8. littlegemquilts says:


    A4 is approximately 81/4″ by 113/4″. I hope your idea bears fruit – it would be lovely to see your Little quilt on our site.


  9. I’m from Argentina and I belong to the UK Quilter’s Guild. I became a member after spending a few weeks with the Gloucestershire quilters. I’m very happy to have the chance to help raise funds for the Quilt Museum and Gallery in York (which I hope to visit in January), so I’m sending a little gem quilt! I’ve finished it already, should I post it now or is it too soon?

  10. littlegemquilts says:

    Thank you Teresita for your support. Please post your Little Gem now, it will give us the opportunity to feature it on the little gem site.

  11. Mary Ellen (Brayshaw) Shriver says:

    To Elizabeth Brayshaw-
    Found this as I was trying to research the Brayshaws from York/Sheffield. My Great great grandfather was Daniel Brayshaw, married to Elizabeth Umpleby. They were parents of my great grandfather Orlando who was born in 1862. Are you interested in genealogy and are we related? I am also a quilter and love your quilt!
    Mary Ellen Brayshaw Shriver, Massachusetts, USA

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