Retro by Jennie Wood



Time Flies by Lesley Knox



April Journal by Kate Dowty



April Journal by Barbara Weeks



April Journal by Alicia Merrett


The flowers that bloom in the Spring ...

The Flowers that bloom in Spring by Sandra Grusd


April tulips

April Tulips by Barbara Cheeseman



April Journal by Greta Fitchett



A Touch of Danger (Alan Bleasdale) by Dee Chester


Boat Race

Boat Race by Janet Gent



Casentino – Walking in the depth of the Casentino Forest by Tricia Revest


Waste not.........

Waste Not by Margaret Scholey-Hill


Why fly? An ode to global warming.

Why Fly? An Ode to Global Warming by Maggie Harris


MRamsay April Indigo Observer

April Indigo Observer by Margaret Ramsay


Night Tulips Stephanie Redfern

Night Tulips by Stephanie Redfern


Chun castle

Chun Castle by Elizabeth Hoadley-Maidment



Fritillaria  by Cherry Vernon-Harcourt


Tulip Delight

Tulip Delight by Jill Exell


april journal quilt

April Journal by Caroline Schofield


Semaphore Fun (you figure it out!)

Semaphore Fun (you figure it out!) by Khurshid Bamboat


A Flash of Finches

A Flash of Finches – Goldfinches flew past the window by Margaret Cooter


Smoke Screen copy

Smoke Screen by Hilary Gooding


Arachnid for April

Arachnid for April by Heather Hasthorpe


Davina Thomas April Journal

April Journal by Davina Thomas


Identity? Circles & Grids

Identity? Circles and Grids by Meg leach


Sunny April

Sunny April by Janet McCallum


JQ April 2007

April Journal by Mai-Britt Axelsen


Blue Skies & White Clouds-V Stanfield

Blue Sky and White Clouds by Vanessa Stanfield


Canary Sunset by Janine Ayres

Canary Sunset by Janine Ayres


vase of flowers

Vase of Flowers by Judy Fairless


Spring is sprung - Janet Cook

Spring is Sprung by Janet Cook


Celandine Abstract

Celandine Abstraction by Jo Baker


Suddenly it was summer

Suddenly it was Summer by Judith Barker


Stuck Together

Stuck Together by Ros Crouch


In a Muddle by Liz Drake

In a Muddle by Liz Drake


Webs on the Bricks by June Hansen

Webs on the Bricks by June Hansen


April Irene MacWilliam

April Journal by Irene MacWilliam

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  1. Karen says:

    Beautiful and astunning.

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