Stark by Jennie Wood



December Journal by Sheila Dunscombe



Celtic Gold by Sheena Quayle



Triangles by Sally Skaife



December Journal by Marie Roper



December Dawn by Margaret McCrory



December Journal by Linda Forey



December Journal by Kate Dowty



Underwater by Barbara Weeks



December Journal by Cherry Vernon-Harcourt



December Journal by Deborah Relf



December Journal by Greta Fitchett



December Journal by Frieda Oxenham



December Journal by Ineke Berlyn



December Journal by Irene MacWilliam



December Journal by Gaynor Messenger



December Journal by Jenny Rolfe



December Journal by Alicia Merrett


Davina Thomas December front of journal

December Journal (front) by Davina Thomas


Davina Thomas December back of journal

December Journal (back) by Davina Thomas


distressed pot

Distressed Pot by Judy Fairless


Weaver's Prayer#3

Weaver’s Prayer #3 by Sandra Grusd


'Night Music' Stephanie Redfern

Night Music by Stephanie Redfern


The Golden Mean

The Golden Mean by Hilary Gooding


Christmas post

Christmas Post by Judith Barker


MRamsay December -Reclining Figure

Reclining Figure by Margaret Ramsay


EH Maidment

Tide Line with Mussels by Elizabeth Hoadley-Maidment


December Bling

December Bling by Khurshid Bamboat


Flying into 2008

Flying into 2008 by Janet Gent


Mailbag Room

Mailbag Room by Ros Crouch


clear skies in December - barbara C

Clear Skies in December by Barbara Cheeseman


Old indigo and kimonos

Old Indigo and Spirals by Margaret Scholey-Hill


Christmas on the Ferry.  Liz Drake

Christmas on the Ferry by Liz Drake


Christmas Box

Christmas Box by Caroline Schofield



December Journal by Jill Exell



Pomegranites by Tricia Revest


Forest Floor   Janet Cook

Forest Floor by Janet Cook


Cool white frost

Cool White Frost by Maggie Harris


Janet McCallum December

More Leftovers by Janet McCallum


Hard Frost by Margaret Cooter

Hard Frost by Margaret Cooter


JQ December 2007

December Journal by Mai-Britt Axelsen


DEC07 Meg Leach

December Journal by Meg Leach


Hare Bells by Janine Ayres

Hare Bells by Janine Ayres


Christmas 07

Christmas by Gillian Travis


Mono Again by June Hansen

Mono Again by June Hansen


Heather Hasthorpe

Painted Quilt by Heather Hasthorpe


Collage Jenny Rolfe

December Journal by Jenny Rolfe

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